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"Every donation is another step towards giving each athlete a memorable college experience.  With your support we can continue our long-standing tradition - the tradition you helped to build!  Thank you in advance for your support."

- Byron Knox, Head Coach


"My experience as a student-athlete at UB was an opportunity to learn and grow in a whole new way.  I worked harder and smarter than I ever thought I could and I fought for the person next to me.  I enjoyed the sport I love in a way that I never thought possible.  Your donation can continue to provide this experience for current and future Purple Knights!"

- Christine Liautaud '17


"Becoming a Purple Knight in 2001 is a decision that has shaped the person I am today.  It's been almost twenty years and I am still a member of the UB Gymnastics program.  As an athlete, a student, and now a coach - this team provides relationships, memories, and lessons that stay with you for life!  Without the support of alumni, parents, and friends - this would not be possible.  I'll always be proud to call myself a Purple Knight."

- Becky Ferraro '05, Assistant Coach

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